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Austin-Healey 3000 - Getting Into Healey's

Hi All.

Looking for some hands on Healey Experience. I love old british sports cars - Healey's of course being my favorite. However I have a slight problem. I'm 6'6" Tall . If possible would any of you be able to suggest a particular year or model that was extremely spacious? if you are aware of another make that is overly spacious for legs it would be great.

I believe there is a gent with a Bug Eye in my city .... it doesn't seem to fit the bill. ANy details would be excellent.
Rick Seward

Rick - the Healey's as you will find out were made in two overall versions - the Sprite or bugeye, and the Big Healeys - the 100, 100-6 and 3000s. You definitely want the Big Healeys. A good website to get an overview of the various models of the Big Healeys is:

For Canada (unless you live in Victoria where it's warmer), I would recommend the later 3000s as they had better creature comforts like well fitting wind up windows instead of "side curtains". I lived in Canada for many years including Quebec and northern BC and my '63 3000 Mk2 worked well in cold weather - but watch out for road salt!

I'm 6"0 and the leg room is fine, but I suggest you find a dealer of old Bristish sports cars in your area and see if your 6'6 will fit the pedals with the seat pushed all the way back.

FYI, I bought my Healey new in 1962, kept her all this time, and she is in my garage in Chicago area. Definitely a car worth having if you are really keen about British sports cars. Good luck.
A.D. Close

Thanks for the info.... I like the Looks of the Big Healey's a little more than the Sprites or Bug-eye's so this is good. Unfortunatedly , i have confidence there are not to many car dealers in my area - i will be making a business trip to Toronto in May , I would say there in lies my oportunity. Toronto will have one I'm sure....

Thanks again for the link and info....
Rick Seward

There are active Healey clubs in Sarnia, Southern Ontario,Quebec, and Manitoba.These are affiliated with the Austin Healey Club of America, which I belong. I suggest you join if you are even somewhat near, and get to know some of the people, They will be able to offer loads of advice & fun, and you may find out about what cars are available.teh monthly magazine always has some for sale in the classified section.

Pete Haburt/ 61 3000
Pete Haburt

I'm 6'1" and have a Bug-eye and a 3000 Mk1 BN7 (two seater) you will find the two seater big healey has about 2 and a half more inches in the seating adjustment than the four seater. I certainly fit my 3000 better than in a four seater or 100/4. you would be surprised with the room in a bug eye but at 6' 4" you may be tight, you may find the problem with all healeys for you is not so much height but the size of your feet that pedal area is skinny. I am president of the queensland branch(Australia) of the AHOC and one of our members is at least 6'4" he has a BJ8 and seems to fit that ok.
B.S. Collins

Hi Folks,
A good place to look would be :

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