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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - rear brake keep sticking

Hi there

About always when I do not use the car for a month or more, the rear brakes stick. The rim gets hot... What can I do solve this?

a.o. arnold

Leave the handbrake off when you are storing it for anything more than a few days.
Guy W

I never use the handbrake.....
a.o. arnold

Use the car more often ;o)
Dave O'Neill2

yeah, I'd love to. But cannot at the moment
a.o. arnold

What type brake fluid are you using?
Trevor Jessie

If its possible try pumping the brake pedal every couple of days.

Thanks Ian
I Pickering

When did you last replace the rubber flexible rear brake hose?
Guy W

Stop driving home in the canals Arnold, the rust makes the drums hard to turn.

But I was thinking similar thoughts to Guy, have I been here too long I wonder?


When did you last change the brake fluid? It could be water in the fluid causing the cylinders/pistons to rust slightly and stick between runs.

No need to ask how I know.
Peter B

well, thx for all input. The car is stored at in an unheated shed, I am there about once a month. I think I replaced the brake fluid about 3-4 years ago. I never changed the rear brake hoses (at least 15 years)
a.o. arnold

It may be the flexible hoses then. At 15 years old the rubber is likely to have deteriorated. It swells inwards, blocking the inside of the hose. Under foot pedal pressure fluid flows through OK, but then there is insufficient pressure to overcome the blockage and allow the fluid to return. It acts like a one-way valve. Brakes come on, buy then don't release properly again. Could be the problem.

There is only one rear flexible hose.
Guy W

In a similar vein to Guy's comment, could be worn seals in the drum brake actuating hydraulic cylinder aslo acting like a non return valve. Cheap to replace....
Mark O

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