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MG MGA - Battery cover for 12volt?

Has anyone after they have changed from 6 to 12volts battery made a cover for it?
c allen

The 6v did not have a cover, so what is the advantage and benefits of putting a cover on the battery when you have the battery access cover?

Sitting right near the rear tires, the batteries collect a lot of dirt. There were battery covers as optional accessories for the original batteries. See here:
Anyone who ever drives on dirty roads or in wet weather should appreciate these covers.
Barney Gaylord

The important thing is to have a cover on the plus terminal to prevent any accidental shorts
dominic clancy

What is the positive terminal going to short to on a positive ground car? Wouldn't that only help if the car was converted to negative ground?
Larry Wheeler

Sorry Larry, you are of course correct, I pretty much assumed that almost evryone does the change to positive earth these days,, but the point is still relevant. I should more accuratel have written that iInsulating the non- ground terminal avoids any nasty accidents.

Switching to negative earth has no disadvantages, and avoids any nasties when other people get involved with electrics. It is also much more practical with modern accessories like ipods, phones, GPS etc. Even the most eagle eyes concours judges would have to lift the battery cover to check. And although my car is pretty nice, and largely original, I do value practicality over the arcane - and positive earth is to me pretty arcane these days!
dominic clancy

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