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MG MGF Technical - Front Tyre Size

Hi all,
I have 215 tyres all round on my MGF. After reading the tyre size/type page on the web I noted that i should have 195 0r 205,s on the front! Also the power stearing warning light has been coming on and occasionally the power stearing has stopped working altogether! are the tyres providing to much resistence for the electric system? The front tyres are worn and i shall replace them this week, but which size is best as a "spirited driver"? 195 or 205? will the narrower 195 introduce under steer? The car is then getting a long overdue suspention overhaul, has anyone used Techspeed and recomend their work?
Thanks in advance and happy bank hols
John Reed

Techspeed know all about Fs - you can follow their advice with confidence!

Agreed, TechSpeed's experience is second to none.

The 195/45 tyre option was introduced on the Trophy 160, as part of the handling 'tweaks' - testing showed that it improved the turn-in response, and gives more feedback to the driver. Having tried all 3 combinations, the 215/40 rear & 195/45 front is the one I am sticking with, for both road & track use.

I'd be surprised if the EPAS is failing due to over-work due only to having wide tyres. It can suffer from electrical gremlins, so if you haven't already then I'd suggest removing the fuse to power down the system completely (turning off the ignition doesn't), and then see if the behaviour is the same once it has 'rebooted'.

Techspeed are a 200 mile round trip for me, but I've been using them for years for servicing and modifying my MGF for many years - so I think that probably tells you enough about the high regard I have for Marvin, Roy, Keith and the rest of the team. Sorry to hear that Dennis left for Triple 8 racing though... shame!

I've used 185, 195, 205 and 215 front section tyres over the years. IMO 195 and 205 provide the best overall compromise between steering weight and feel, understeer and lack of bump steer. 215s are fine if you need them - and were an original MG option, but this was superseded by 195s when Goodyear made their F1 DS-D2 tyre available.

Hope this helps!
Rob Bell

Thanks for taking the time to post replies.
195's it is then, and I'll try taking the fuse out the next time the power steering is on the blink.
Is it worth adding the TF steering rack while im at it?
J E Reed

It makes a difference - and relatively easy to do:

The pictures, incidently, were taken at Techspeed! ;o)
Rob Bell

Thanks again for the replies, Etyres fitted the new fronts this morning at home (Great Service), and after a quick blast down the A34 i carn't belive the difference they make! The 45 profile even has the unexpected benifit of getting over the local speed bumps! thanks for the advice all.
John Reed

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